Years ago, after my Father fell ill from a massive stroke, I walked away from my job, my home, lost my marriage, my relationship with my son, friends and just about everything I owned to become my Fathers sole caregiver. Though  devastating on the surface, to this day I would not change a single decision I made to care for the man who gave me life and though he is now rest in peace I reflect on how strong I became throughout that experience and the residual body of work I created during the process. Between doctors appointments, therapy sessions, feeding, bathing and general care for my Father I would take any opportunity I had to WRITE and create new ideas. Writing was my primary outlet, my only source of therapy besides going to God in prayer that I could depend on to utilize what little personal time I had effectively and constructively. Throughout that time and up until this day I have created a fictional 145,807 word manuscript called "DONOR CARD", a motivational book  called "THE LIFE ANTICIPATED"  as well as a book on how to attract women  called "HOW TO CATCH WOMEN" and even created my do-it-yourself credit repair package CLEAN UP MY OWN CREDIT, most of which you can now purchase here at my website which contains only a small portion of my huge body of work as well as proposals, treatments and product summaries for products and potential projects and collaborations with those interested in collaborating on profitable endeavors I have already begun or even completed that are simply awaiting their opportunity to be revealed to the world. I have worked very, very hard throughout on the creative process to bring  these creations to you, the public, and I hope and pray that you would not only support my efforts but receive them with love and appreciation as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the "Contact Me" link even if only to connect and show some love. I also look forward to hearing from any and all of you who would not only like to support but collaborate with my efforts remembering there is enough for all of us and I anticipate building relationships with those who's Destinies are ready to break through to the next level but feel stuck and isolated by their current circumstances, struggling to move forward. We all need encouragement at some point in our lives. It is my hope that my work provides that for you. Should you be seeking a source of income please contact me for independent contractor sales opportunities and let's make some money together! 
Thank you and God bless you all... I look forward to hearing from you... Dwayne