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We have an excellent opportunity for you to own a small but potentially lucrative part of NFL history as owner of your own Premium online domain name for the newly anticipated Las Vegas Raiders Black and Gray Nation! Las Vegas NV, being the entertainment capital of the world, not only will attract football fans from neighboring states, especially California, but also worldwide with an all new sports arena and practice facilities being built right in the heart of the worlds Mecca of Entertainment. Know that the more established the team gets and the more wins they accomplish the more the sports books in Vegas favor the home team. These domains will increase in value exponentially! Buy before it's too late.


LASVEGASRAIDERS.CLOTHING $6,500.00 OBO compare $50,000

Being that this is a totally new City for the Raiders that means all clothing for the Las Vegas Raiders has a start from scratch, even playing field opportunity built-in since there's no previous market saturation of ANY Las Vegas Raiders merchandise, thereby making an ideal domain offering an unlimited revenue stream by way of incredible online sales potential for your choice of Raiders-oriented apparel, accessories and other various highly profitable merchandise. From NFL jerseys, T-shirts, mugs to key chains the list of enormously profitable product sales opportunities are endless! This will definitely be some of the most highly demanded merchandise in NFL history BAR NONE!


(Idea: Owner of this domain may have the potential to arrange an AFFILIATE re-seller program with the Raiders organization using this target-specific domain as a link, generating huge income as third party re-seller.)



Another ideal domain offering an unlimited revenue source by way of incredible online sales potential, yet this domain has an even broader online reach being a dot Biz domain, capable of covering countless aspects of business and eCommerce suitable to any of your Las Vegas Raider offerings and of course will only increase in value.


Well suited for sports-based businesses or organizations who are interested in drawing a tangible audience of hundreds of thousands of Las Vegas Raiders fans called the "Raider Nation" who will need to be acclimated to their favorite team being moved to a new city. This powerful information-centralized domain is perfect for Raiders-specific news as a potential blog-source with all the latest scores, updates and information on team and franchise changes, as well as player profiles, ticket prices, Sports book odds (remember we're talking Las Vegas) you name it. With the Raiders Nation being so huge and with such a common, easy to remember domain, the buyer/owner of this domain can and should generate huge traffic, sell advertising space and maybe entire pages making an extremely profitable domain as well.


Talk about an A to Z Las Vegas Raiders domain this is the one! This domain simply encapsulates practically all of the aforementioned characteristics of the above domains offering endless possibilities within the Raider Nation online presence.


This clear, concise to the point ticket related domain is perfect for any ticket agency, sporting event ticket broker or your own direct link, via affiliate agreement connected to one of the major event ticket distributor’s website for a potentially huge income stream.


This domain carries the same online potential, if not more, than the dot ONLINE offering with an added keyword dot FOOTBALL which is as football-specific as you can get!


Idea: Utilize LASVEGASRAIDERSTICKETS.ONLINE or .FOOTBALL for FREE Raider’s Game Ticket drawings which could potentially attract hundreds of thousands of Raiders fans to your page for an opportunity to win free tickets which in turn converts to unique page clicks and also builds up an enormous membership database with consumer’s email addresses, cell phone numbers and contact information once compiled becomes a Qualified, OPT-IN Lead List worth thousands of dollars capable of being utilized in countless ways valuable in almost any marketing and or sales objective that buyer of this domain may utilize personally and or sell to companies nationwide.


LVRAIDERS.GAMES $4,500.00 OBO Compare $50,000

With an abbreviated LV this domain is geared more towards a fan-related offering and with dot GAMES this domain is the perfect raider domain for a serious Raider fan that would like to blog, chat and or maintain a fan-based site offering everything and anything relative to the Raiders Black and Grey Nation! The possibilities are simply endless.



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In conclusion

The requested price points for our domains are a bargain at only a tenth of what others are asking! They’re an excellent way to create an additional income stream or hold on to like an investment, only becoming more valuable leading up to the completion of their new 65,000 seat, state of the art stadium (construction to begin November 1st 2017). As the Raider Nation Empire grows in the Las Vegas Valley so will the interest in these Premium Domains. This is an inexpensive opportunity to step into the world of internet investment where your domain not only has a market value, but can also generate income in the present tense as well as future, notwithstanding the opportunity to offer license and or affiliate deals with links pointing towards your domain, building your own referral program with potential profits on the efforts of people worldwide interested in making money on your personal referral program by sending sales to your site. Don't forget the NFL is the biggest money making sports franchise opportunity in the world! Grab your small piece of it while affordable. Don't miss out on this HISTORIC Opportunity to own a piece of the newest and biggest Sports franchise move directly into the heart of the entertainment capital of the world! This is a no-lose proposition good luck and God Bless your efforts!


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