"The Life Anticipated" Manifesting one's destiny in real-time

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“The Life Anticipated”

Manifesting one's destiny in real-time


D. Franklin Green 


Destiny is a Self-driven Path but what really Drives us? What Energizes our Spirit? How do we take control over the negative circumstances and relationships that sometimes control our lives?

Most of us Allow our circumstances to designate our actions when our Actions, should in fact, designate our circumstances. We must rise above our circumstances to a place where we master the power to not only control our own Destiny, but also affect the destinies of others in a positive, impactful way, thereby creating a circular path of Abundant Blessings that continue to flow.

Once we quit blocking our own Blessings that God intends for our lives we then take our Abundant, rightful place that's meant for us. Come with me and let's discover together that Abundant, rightful place in "The Life Anticipated"             
D. Franklin Green

Dedications 2&3
Introduction 5
Foreword 6
Spirituality 7
Conscience 9
Forgiveness (Of Self and Others) 10
Relationships 14
Friendship 17
Faith without Works is dead 17
Giving / Generosity 20
The Self 22
Trust 23
Change 25
Emotions 27
Dysfunctional Current Reality 28
Newfound Spiritual Reality 29
Overcoming Temptation 30
Loneliness 31
Hidden Potential (Unlocking) 32
Choices 33
Inspiration 34
Preparing for The Life Anticipated 35
Methods for Living The Life Anticipated 36
In Closing 40
Finally 41